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We are a research centre specialised in Artificial Intelligence that focuses on basic and applied AI research.

We are the Artificial Intelligence coordinator in Navarra also responsible for integrating the applied research of the existing technology centres with the basic research of the universities.

At the Navarra Artificial Intelligence Research Centre we guarantee excellent, basic and applied, cross-cutting research on Artificial Intelligence that accelerates the digital development and transformation of the industrial fabric and of the public administrations, from which Navarra’s citizens benefit directly.

Our links to the Navarra-IRIS Digital Innovation Hub ensure we respond to companies’ needs, through four broad lines of action: Intelligent Data Fusion, Intelligent Learning, Disruptive AI and AI and Society.


To investigate algorithms and offer AI-based technology solutions at local and global level.


To promote basic/applied research in the Artificial Intelligence and data engineering field.


To focus on research of interest to society and industry in Navarra and contribute to international scientific development.


To promote the use of Artificial Intelligence in Navarra’s companies to make them more competitive.


To promote the creation of high value-added jobs and attract talent to the region.


To position Navarra as a benchmark region in Artificial Intelligence, promoting this technology and serving as a central point for its development and adoption.


we are


Experts team

Marisol Gómez Fernández

Scientific Director

. Graduate in Mathematics from the University of Salamanca with a PhD in Mathematics
. Expert in Big Data and Business Intelligence from the Public University of Navarra
. Associate Professor accredited as Professor at the Public University of Navarra in the area of Algebra Deputy
. Director of Quality and Strategic Planning at the School of Industrial Engineering, Computer Science and Telecommunications
. More than 90 co-written publications in books, journals and international congresses
. Reviewer in JCR (Journal Citation Report) journals
. Has participated in 40 research projects funded by public bodies
. 5 co-directed doctoral theses
. Founding partner of the UPNA spin-offs: Movalsys S.L. and Tairel Data S.L.

Angela Bernardini Gagliani

Head of Technological Innovation and Technology Transfer

. Graduate in Mathematics from the Università La Sapienza di Roma
. Doctor in Applied Mathematics from the University of Navarra
. Postdoctoral stays at the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research) and INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) in France
. Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics at the UPNA
. Has participated in more than 20 research projects funded by public bodies
. More than 15 years of experience developing ad-hoc AI and data-driven solutions for industry

Gorka García Rodero

Managing Director

. Graduate in Industrial Engineering from the UPNA specialising in Industrial Organisation
. Master’s graduate in Materials and Manufacturing Process Engineering and PMP (Project Management Professional)
. With a professional career spanning over 20 years in Navarra’s industrial sector for companies in different sectors (metal, automotive, machine tools, renewable energies), with different profiles (family businesses and multinationals) and of different sizes (small, medium and large companies), having acquired a broad knowledge of Navarra’s industrial fabric
. Experience as team leader mainly in the purchasing and logistics departments


Paula Vidaurreta Apesteguia

Junior Researcher

Juan Pedro García Ortiz

Junior Researcher

Mikel Merino Olagüe

Junior Researcher

Ander Goñi Medrano

PhD Student

Irati Sanz Delgado

Junior Researcher


Strategic Location

We are located in Pamplona, Navarra’s capital city, in a key position in the European communications network, linking the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, and establishing connections between Spain and the rest of Europe.