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The Artificial Intelligence consulting service enables clients to take strategic decisions concerning the implementation of AI in their processes and products. By carrying out a viability analysis, our team of experts assesses the efficacy and pertinence of applying AI as a solution to a specific problem, which helps focus efforts on the most promising and cost-effective areas.



We start by getting a detailed understanding of the problem or challenge, discussing the specific aims and requirements. We make sure that all the details are clear before moving on to the next step.

We assess what aspects of the problem may be affected by the use of AI techniques. We study how AI can improve decision-making, resolve complex patterns and optimise efficiency.

We check the availability and quality data necessary to train the AI model. If necessary, we advise you about how to compile additional data or improve the quality of the existing data.

We compare the AI application with non AI-based alternatives that could tackle the problem. We want to ensure that AI is the best option in terms of results, efficiency and costs.

We are transparent about AI risks and limitations in relation to the specific problem. We seek to offer complete information for decision making.

We provide a clear recommendation on whether Artificial Intelligence is the best option to solve your problem. If AI is viable, we present different approaches and strategies to implement it.



Identification of the most promising areas for the application of AI.

Taking of informed and strategic decisions.

Maximising the efficiency and efficacy of the proposed solution.

Compliance with ethical principles and applicable regulations.

Risk reduction and seizing of opportunities.

Personalised advice from AI experts.