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Disruptive AI

This area of research aims to study and apply Artificial Intelligence technologies in an innovative manner with the basic objective of changing the way industries, businesses and society as a whole operate. By doing so it aims not just to improve existing processes but also to redefine the way tasks are tackled, creating new paradigms and opportunities.

Health and Medicine

AI has the potential to revolutionise and treat diseases by analysing large sets of patient data. This leads to more accurate diagnoses, optimised personalised treatment and contributes to research on new treatments.


Neuromarketing is an interdisciplinary field that combines neuroscience, psychology and marketing to understand how consumers’ brains react to advertising stimuli, products and shopping experiences. Its aim lies in making the most of this knowledge to develop more effective marketing strategies.

Neuromarketing is based on the idea that shopping decisions are largely influenced by underlying emotional and cognitive processes that may be difficult to capture using traditional market research methods.

Fusing neuromarketing with Artificial Intelligence can significantly improve our understanding of consumers and optimise marketing strategies. AI is becoming a key tool for advertising campaign optimisation, audience targeting, real-time consumer emotion detection, trend detection and social network sentiment analysis.