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Intelligent analysis and fusion of information and data

Artificial Intelligence algorithms and applications are only possible if we have sufficient data of high quality, and appropriate mechanisms for processing them and extracting the necessary information from them.

This data can be expressed in numerical, linguistic, vectorial, sensory form, as an image or in a combination of all of them. Therefore, intelligent data analysis and fusion is a basic element in all areas of Artificial Intelligence, and in applications that range from precision medicine to biotechnology, industry 4.0 to computer security or image processing.

This area of research seeks to delve deeper into the description, analysis and exploitation of information and data for better application in AI. The studies focus on:

· Minimising uncertainty
. Developing different ways of representing information
. Detecting relevant features
. Classifying collected data online and in real time

This cross-cutting area highlights the importance of information represented by means of images or natural language, due especially to applications in sectors such as industry, health and administration.