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Scientific advice

Our scientific advice service for AI is designed to provide the necessary knowledge to promote research and applications in this field. We focus on supporting researchers, companies and professionals who want to understand advanced AI concepts and apply them in their projects.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in various fields of Artificial Intelligence, allowing us to offer a multidisciplinary approach to tackle the most complex challenges.

The service’s flexibility ensures it can be adapted to each client’s specific needs, offering effective strategies, realistic solutions and an ethical focus in all stages of the AI development process.



Review of AI-related research and projects and defining of proposals to improve approaches, methods and results.

We help design suitable tests for obtaining solid and reliable results in AI research.

We advise you on the latest AI techniques and the best practices for their development and implementation.

We provide strategies for optimising results and improving performance.

We research the responsibilities associated with Artificial Intelligence, guaranteeing that your projects comply with ethical principles and your core values.

Our team helps you identify and overcome the technical limitations of your AI projects.

Personalised sessions for your team, up-to-the-minute AI know-how and skills.



Access to Artificial Intelligence experts.

Personalised guidance to boost your projects.

Efficient and effective solutions for technical and scientific challenges.

Compliance with ethical principles and good practice for AI.

Updating with the latest advances in the field.

Greater confidence and success in your AI initiatives.

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