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A la carte proteins

Proteins, essential for life and present in all the body's cells, fulfil several vital functions and carry out a key role in the formation of tissue such as muscles and skin.
Our research, within the area of disruptive AI research, focuses on designing proteins specialised in solving specific problems on demand.

Protein design is a complex and challenging field due to the limitations inherent in designing completely new and personalised proteins with specific properties and functions without being able to draw on prior information. The current technology is largely based on modifying existing proteins or combining elements of known proteins in order to create new variants. The first step in our research is the development of a technology with artificial intelligence capable of obtaining the structure and inherent properties of the source proteins and then applying it to the design of a specific protein.

Application of the design and engineering of a la carte proteins in biomedicine

  • Drug design

  • Disease diagnosis

  • Development of personalised therapies

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